weddings &  functions

Beautiful acoustic performances for your special day

JMQ are available solo or duo to perform at your special event. Packages can include DJ sets where possible, but can be as simple as the perfect songs while you're walking down the aisle. JMQ are happy to travel anywhere in the WA region and even interstate if necessary.


Pubs & Taverns

Live entertainment

Performing solo or duo JMQ will cover all your favourite tunes in their extensive musical repertoire. Audiences have likened their upbeat performances to sounds of Jason Mraz but with the chilled out vibe of Jack Johnson. 

With catchy pop mash-ups and songs to spare, JMQ are always up for song requests and just having a good jam to keep your weekends fun.


production & Songwriting

Justin has been writing songs since he first discovered Sibelius software at 13 years of age. Until 2 years ago he was casually writing songs every so often, while mainly focussing his efforts on his studies. In 2014 he really got into production and songwriting with indie-pop outfit Our Man in Berlin and since has been pushing himself to keep doing what he loves. 

Since coming back from a year escape to Canada, he's devoting his time to producing, songwriting and keeping inspired with his beautiful partner, friends and family. Below are some projects to reflect this push in constant creativity, inspiration and hard work.


Solo stuff.




Songwriting team.


Collaboration with other Perth musicians.